Safety is our first priority on each and every jobsite we operate.

In addition to being members of SafeLand and ISNet, and PICS, we take safety a step further by doing the majority of our certifications and classes in-house. Our safety department, headed by veteran safety expert Eric Rosemann, are certified trainers for SafeLand, Forklift Certification and Man Basket Certification.


Our team continuously conducts field audits on all locations to ensure that everyone is working safely and keeping all jobsites clean, spill-free and non-hazardous.


Additionally, our company is a part of the H2S Master Trainer Program, a program designed to educate individuals on the invisible dangers of H2S, a highly flammable and toxic gas. This training is standard for all at-risk SCS employees so that they may learn how to effectively manage H2S hazards in the field.

Environmental, jobsite and employee safety is at the core of everything we do at Silver Creek Services. A member of several national safety organizations, we are dedicated to being your first call. Every time. ™


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