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Frac Stacks
Frac Flowback
Drill-Out Flowback
Frac Plugs
Silver Line Logistics

Frac Stacks Package:

Our qualified team of field personnel will perform rig ups and rig downs, regrease, repairs and redress as needed.

• 7 1/16” 10k/15k Frac Stack


Frac Flowback Package:

• Screen out iron

• Frac watch


Drill-Out Flowback Package:

• Customizable


Frac Plugs:

• State of the art composite 10k or 15k Ball Drop Frac Plugs and Bridge / Kill Plugs

• Brand name is ProDrill


Silver Line Logistics:

• Sand Hauling

• Flat Bed

Silver Line Logistics (SLL) is a sister company of Silver Creek Services. Safety is always our first priority, whether it’s at any one of our customer locations or while our drivers are traveling over the roadways. We pride ourselves on keeping our communities safe with an emphasis on protecting the environment.

Silver Line Logistics extends its focus on safety, efficiency and high-quality into all safety procedures. In addition to being members of SafeLand, ISNetworld, and PICS/Avetta, we take safety a step further by doing the majority of our certifications and classes in-house. Keeping our employees up to date on all the specific trainings, certifications and any changes within our line of work that may affect us, are all a large part of what makes us the premier logistics provider in the oil field.


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